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Neville Hair & Beauty is the most iconic salon in Knightsbridge and since it’s arrival in 2000 has become a beauty hotspot for celebs and the super-rich far and wide. Elena Lavagni is the infamous face behind the celebrity salon and this month on QMIN Insider we talk beauty treatments that really do work with the woman who’s tried and tested them all. We’ve got the answers to the questions you’ve been asking for years – from facials and body wraps to reshaping massages and collagen freezing, these are the treatments that really will leave you looking flawless.


Top treatment #1 – New Venus Freeze with Hasti at Neville Hair & Beauty

This is my go-to treatment. It’s a non-invasive treatment and I use it on my face to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The treatment uses radio frequency and magnets to boost the collagen and elastin in your skin and therefore tones and tightens skin. A small hand-held device is used to send electric currents through your skin to heat the skin tissue and stimulate the body’s natural collagen. In my opinion it’s the perfect toner and the results are instant – I feel more sculpted and defined straight away. And a bonus – it’s pain free!

Top treatment #2 – Reshaping Massage with Fernanda at Neville Hair & Beauty

During the summer I swear by the reshaping massage. As the name suggests, it’s a manual remodelling technique designed to reshape the silhouette and free your body of toxins. It works on the deep skin layers and fat deposits, leaving your body feeling younger and energised. Each session lasts one hour and is far from pleasurable so it’s definitely not one for the faint hearted, however for me it’s totally worth it. You can come up with some slight bruising but after a couple of sessions the results are incredible! For the best results you should stick to a healthy diet and exercise alongside having the treatment twice a week.

Top treatment #3 – Deep Cleanse Facial with Fere at Neville Hair & Beauty

I try to have this facial as often as possible because it really helps to unclog my pores. Being in the city every day definitely takes a toll on my skin so I love this treatment for deep cleansing. Fere uses a steam with a skin scrub to rid all impurities – this is followed by micro abrasion with diamond tip to get rid of any dead skin and bacteria. Then depending on the day she might give me a face massage or apply a hydrating mask. I instantly feel reborn after this treatment!

Quick-fire questions:

Go-to skin product?

Matis intensive revitalizing Omega 3 cream. It helps balance out my hormones and is super-soft and kind to my skin. After the revitalising cream I use the Matis re-densifying concentrate – it tones and plumps mature skin so it’s great for me.

What’s your travel skin routine?

Water retention is a big problem for me when travelling. I try to drink lots of water, however I can’t live without the Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream.

What’s your favourite makeup brand?

I’m allergic to lots of makeup products so I’ve tested about everything and I’ve narrowed it down to Laura Mercier foundation and mineral powder, Tom Ford blusher and YSL mascara.

Top hair product?

There are so many amazing products on the market but my favourite has to be Oribe texturiser spray – it’s a must-have for creating volume at home yourself.

You too can try out the above treatments at Neville Hair & Beauty by calling 020 7235 3654

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